What's the purpose of Tonumi.com?

Tonumi.com is a repository for coin auction catalogs in the digital domain. Its goal is to make entire auction catalogs, including textual lot descriptions, images, and prices realized, available to Internet users after each auction's completion.

Can you identify my coin?

We don't provide coin identification or valuation services. If you need detailed research or require an authoritative source, you might try contacting one of Tonumi.com contributing firms.

What kind of coins do you archive?

The focus of the site is on catalogs issued by some of the most prestigious coin firms in the world. As such, coins from these sales tend to be of high quality, value, and collector interest.

Your auction archive doesn't include many old sales. What about previous auctions?

Online auction catalogs are a relatively new thing in the world of numismatics. Although we'd love to include every auction issued by all major firms, much of this information simply isn't available in an electronic format (and never was).

How coin title is created?

We use formula for coin title. Title consists of: Denomination, Nickname, Year, Mintmark, Minting quality, Variety, Mint.

How to update info of a coin in catalog?

Click the button next to "Sell this coin" in coin page. Fill the form what do you wish to add and send us a messege. We will inform you when coin info will be updated.

How TONUMI creates coin catalog?

In TONUMI catalogue each coin has a unique entry dedicated solely for it. We have added 33 fields to specify coins in our catalog: 5 level coin category, References (Books, web pages, journals and etc.) with ID and Rarity level if it exists, Value, Currency, Denomination, Nickname, Year type, Year or Year range, Obverse design, Obverse lettering, Reverse design, Reverse lettering, Edge type, Edge lettering, Mint, Mint mark, Mint master, Engraver, Material, Shape, ObvRev alignment, Diameter (mm), Fineness, Thickness (mm), Type, Series, Subject, Designer, Obverse designer, Reverse designer, Mintage, Date of issue, Emission period, Minting quality, Minting type. Main fields of a coin are used as a filters.