Groat, 1536, Vilnius mint

Sigismund I the Old (1506 - 1548)

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Obverse: Eagle 5-K.

Lettering: SIGISMVN ▴ P ▴ REX ▴ PO ▴ M ▴ D ▴ LITVA

Reverse: Knight 8-B, Columns arms S8. Letter "F" below the Knight.

Lettering: MONETA MAG / / DVCA LITVA / •• / F

Huletski, D., Bagdonas, G. (2021). Lithuanian Coins 1495-1536. Vilnius: Baltijos kopija
number: G41F
Rarity: V (I - Unique to X - more than 100 pieces)
Main data

Denomination: Groat

Value: 1

Currency: Groat

Year: 1536

Type: Regular


Mint: Vilnius

Minting type: hammered


Material: Silver

Fineness: 6/16

Diameter (mm): 26

Shape: Round

Historical Data

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