Shilling, 1588 - 1607 (Undated), Riga mint

Sigismund III Vasa (1587 - 1632)

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Obverse: Crowned monogram "S".

Lettering: S / (...)

Reverse: Riga arms. Lily at the top along the edge. Mistaken date at the end of legend.

Lettering: (...) 60 /

Marzęta, D. (2020). Katalog szelągów ryskich Zygmunta III Wazy. Lublin: Galeria u Marzęty
number: b.d.-I-1-a
Rarity: ⁣RRRR (Extremely rare variety, practically unavailable in trade)
Main data

Denomination: Shilling

Value: 0.33

Currency: Groat

Year: 1588 - 1607 (Undated)

Type: Regular


Mint: Riga

Minting type: roll-milled

Mint master: Heinrich Wulff


Material: Silver

Shape: Round

Historical Data

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