Three-groats, 1581, Vilnius mint

Stephen Báthory (1576 - 1586)

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Obverse: Tenth bust.

Lettering: STEPH D G REX PO M D L

Reverse: Roman "III" above Eagle and Knight.

Lettering: III / ◦ 1581 ◦ / GROS ARG / TRIP M D / LIT

Ivanauskas, E. (2013). Coins and Bars of Lithuania 1236-2012 (Vol. 2). Kaunas: Author
number: 4SB22-9
Rarity: RRR (Not more than 20 pieces)
Main data

Denomination: Three-groats

Value: 3

Currency: Groat

Year: 1581

Type: Regular


Mint: Vilnius

Minting type: hammered


Material: Silver

Diameter (mm): 21

Shape: Round

Historical Data

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